Social time:

The children at Oshcare absolutely love their time to have a chit chat with their friends and also with the educators. They talk about various topics such as their sporting endeavours on the weekend, funny things that their siblings do, what happened in class today and so much more!

Here is some pictures, of some fun craft that the children have picked themselves to do off pintrest:



Games for fun!!

Each week at Oshcare we have one afternoon where we participate in “Games for fun”, this is half an hour of physical play where all the students get involved and play various games. These games work on fundamental motor skills, problem solving and much more, but the main focus is for the children to have fun while being active with their peers. Each week the activity is different, with the children even choosing their favourite games on occasion, also the older children are elected captains, or if they would like they are able to run the games themselves ūüôā

This is one of the many ways that we at Billanook Oshcare like to be inclusive, supportive and keep the children engaged!


Crafty fun at OshCare

This year at Oshcare we have been doing a lot of fun crafts such as positive quote bookmarks, pom poms, sock octopus, some paintings for the bag room, scrape painting art, a summer painting to light up oshcare a bit more and much more we also have been doing some physical activity too such as, gymnastics, the boards, fun games on the oval and so much more.


Term 2 is here already. Many children had fantastic overseas holidays, down to their holiday houses and camping in the bush. Team Holiday ran a fun program over the holiday which was enjoyed by many of the children who attend OSHC.

Our curriculum day was full of cooking, creative crafts and challenging games and sports.


This year has started with a bounce. Heaps of new children and a great group of Foundation students have joined us. The Foundation children have been finishing at 2pm and have been attending Oshcare and are usually joined by their buddies for a short time. Many Grade 6’s have been playing and interacting with them, craft activities, sports and spending quiet time reading.¬† Bey Blades have been a hit with the younger children, sharing and cooperation is great to see.

Painting is very popular with groups creating artworks to liven up the bag room. They look beautiful and the children have enjoyed the experience


Welcome to OSHC 2017

For our end of term 4 party, we played bubble soccer which was a hit with most children, a challenge for some which they overcame with encouragement from Educators and Bubble Soccer Staff. The photos tell the whole story.


Congratulations to Our Level Six Graduates!

Last night saw our Level Six students graduate from primary school.  It a happy event tinged with a hint of sadness, as we will miss them and their input into our OSH Care program.

It should be noted that the performance put on by the Level Six students was a major hit, with fantastic dancing skills on display.

Good luck for next year, to all our Level Six students!


November News

The OSHC programing committee have been very busy selecting some great ideas for craft experiences including decorated mason jar pencil holders, pony bead melted shapes, worry dolls and element jars. Both boys and girls have embraced the art of sewing, creating a wide variety of decorative cushions and soft toys.

Watching and playing cricket has been popular and as usual children love to go outside to play ball games, 40/40 and use their skills on the play equipment.

BUBBLE SOCCER AND SUPER SOAKERS COME TO OSHC for our Christmas breakup party, Tuesday 20th December, 2016.  What a fantastic way to start the holidays.


OSH Care Happenings

We’re well into Term Four now and there’s been a fair bit happening at OSH Care!¬† The return of the sunny weather has meant that we can spend a bit more time outside again, but we’ve kept up the craft and free time inside as well!

Our ‘Wheels Day’ theme for the curriculum day was a hit, with students bringing in¬†their preferred mode of transport.¬† A good time was had by all!


Curriculum Day Friday 28.10.2016

Wheels Day Bring your own scooter, bike or skateboard and safety gear.

Be involved in time challenges, obstacle courses and decorate your wheels contest.

There will be heaps of time for crafts and social interaction.

Cook our own lunch but please bring own morning and afternoon tea

The day will commence at 7am and finish at 6pm

Cost $45.00 less CCB Rebate

It has been a great start to term four. A lot of inside play because the weather has been very cold and wet. A number of children have been planning our craft activities looking on pinterest for ideas. We look forward to the rest of term four to see what they come up with.